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SIC (Seriously Ice Cold)
SIC cups are pretty simple products but we get that there are still some questions you may have.

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Palm West has been manufacturing leather products for three decades

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Charlie’s Soap all-natural laundry detergents and household cleaners are like no other.

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Birdie King unique golf products

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The Freeheart tumbler’s construction means that your hot drinks will stay hot . . .

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Palm West Wallets and Money Clips

Palm West has been manufacturing leather products for three decades. We take pride in our unique leather crafting skills and use only the finest leather. Our products are treated using only natural tree oils and we do not use harsh chemicals.

Is an RFID wallet worth it?
Modern day, 21st century thieves are hunting for your identity using advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. With threats to your identity increasing, you need to make sure you are protected with advanced security measures. RFID technology is used to scan your personal information stored in your credit cards, debit cards, and passports. Our patented technology creates a magnetic shield around your credit cards preventing thieves from stealing your information. Considering that your credit card and personal information can be stolen as easily as someone passing a scanner near your pocket; we believe a Palm West Leather RFID Wallet is worth the investment.

The Palm West Guarantee
Crafting genuine leather wallets with advanced RFID technology is not easy. When Doug Alvey started the company three decades ago, he founded the business around creating leather products that were fashionable, made from the best quality leather, and backed by quality assurance. As Doug states himself, “Our business is to make our wonderful products exceptional and special!”

We don’t settle for the norm, why should you? Gift yourself and your loved ones with a genuine leather wallet that will always be remembered.

Watch this Video for more information about this amazing product:

Freeheart Collections

26RFID New! Front Pocket Money Clip Wallett

Sale Price:32.95 Original Price:39.95
Our Brand New front pocket design money clip/wallet is light, thin, has two inside card sleeves to keep your necessary cards, business cards, ID and has a light weight clip to hold several bills. Smooth clean cover with small Palm West brand back side. Also features our patented RFID Blocking liner that protects your personal information embedded in Chip credit cards from High Tech pick pockets.

Bemer Technology


Better Circulation. Better Health. Better Life. BEMER is changing the way we think about our health, challenging our understanding of the human body, and empowering us to reach optimal physical condition in a non-invasive way. Blood flow plays a critical role in our general health. BEMER can stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve and facilitate muscle performance and temporarily improve local circulation in healthy muscles — in just 8 minutes twice a day. For more than 20 years, the benefits of BEMER have impacted millions of people around the world. BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared consumer medical device that is non-invasive and easy to use.

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SIC (Seriously Ice Cold)

SIC insulated coolers are made of high quality stainless steel. There is an extra layer of copper insulation that is vacuum insulated to make sure that your favorite beverage stays ice cold up to 24 hours. They keep your beverages hot for hours. The tumblers also have a standard with a splash proof lid that helps to maintain maximum heat retention.

Each of the SIC coolers are available in at least 12 different powder coated colors. Powder coating is not only much more environmentally friendly, but is also much more durable and less likely to scratch or chip. Due to the vacuum technology, you can feel confident that you can sit your products on your favorite furniture without the need for coasters.

Our custom shop would be more than happy to provide you with a virtual image and quote for your business or event.

All of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Note: to keep your SIC products looking their best, we recommend hand washing them.

SIC Golf

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Freeheart Collections

Signature Tumblers

The Signature USA tumbler’s double-walled construction means that your hot drinks will stay hot and your cold drinks will stay cold. Our tumblers are made in the USA and guaranteed for life.

Signature USA feels very strongly about you getting the best quality in a tumbler. To prove Signature USA's commitment to that quality, there is a Manufacturer guarantee on all of the tumblers against any manufacturer’s defects. Even the tumbler is no longer stock your item, it will be replaces with a clear tumbler.

Signature tumblers are durable; thermal insulated, and designed to last a lifetime. The tumblers are made using two layers of the highest grade polymer. It is the same product that is used to make prescriptive lenses. The tumbler is a double walled construction with one glass fitting in the other. The two are then ultrasonically welded to form your thermal insulated tumbler. The air trapped between the layers keeps your cold drinks really cold and your hot drinks hot for an extended time. This design virtually eliminates sweating and makes the tumblers extremely durable and shatter proof. In short, Signature Tumblers are the perfect glass for the car, patio, boat, and general entertaining, wherever the location might be.

Birdie King Products

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Birdie King
Charlie's Soap Meet Charlie

Charlie's Soap

What Is Charlie’s Soap?

It's more than just soap! Charlie’s Soap all-natural laundry detergents and household cleaners are like no other. Charlie's products do a better job of getting your clothes and household items clean. But what makes our products so special? It’s all in the science.

Water is one of the most critical parts of any laundry cycle. All a good laundry detergent needs to do is lift dirt from your fabric and suspend it in water so it the dirt can wash out in the rinse cycle.

How Do the All-Natural Products Work?

Most other detergents contain perfumes that give fabrics a “clean” smell. The truth behind that scent, though, is that it ends up leaving a residue in your fabrics. While your clothes might smell “April Fresh,” they’re not truly clean!

Charlie’s Soap products contain only biodegradable, hypo-allergenic ingredients that are safe for the earth. They contain no smelling agents, leave no residues, and rinse clean away. The products are designed to do one thing: make it easier for water to do its job.

Rick Johns and Associates

My name is Rick Johns and I am an independent sales rep and have been selling double-walled insulated tumblers in the Carolinas for the past 20 plus years. Please check out the additional items for which I also rep.

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